Enjoy a memorable ski vacation overseas on the Italian Alps and the Dolomites.
A personal ski tour planner and guide will be assisting you full time.

Fully customizable – adventurous, relaxing, daring, romantic, healing, cultural, foodie. We will create your ski experience for you!

Who We Are

Pierluigi (Pier) is the founder and the personal ski planner & head guide of Skiita. He was born and raised - on skis - in Italy, and currently resides in Whistler, BC, Canada. In 25 years within the Italian ski industry as an athlete, instructor, ski tester and guide, he has spent countless number of days exploring resorts, runs, restaurants, hotels, b&b’s, spa’s and all sort of mountain activities. He is a CSIA Level 3 Canadian Professional Ski Instructor, a Member of the Italian Federation of Winter Sports and of the Italian Alpine Club. He has standard and emergency First Aid certifications, and Avalanche Skill training. He is also a qualified Italian tour guide. You can find him in his office planning the next guided tour to Italy, or at the Whistler-Blackcomb Snow School for ski lessons. Off-season, he is a consulting engineer.

What We Do

We blend the art of skiing and the art of travelling into a unique experience, tailored to your very own being. Our ultimate goal is to guide you on a perfect multi-day ski tour overseas. But guiding you on a tour is a process that begins with planning the tour itself. So our tours are not planned beforehand and served cold. Here at Skiita we have decided to involve our clients in the planning process, we listen and we suggest. By offering fully customizable guided ski tours, our ski guide will personally work for you and with you to plan a tour that is just what you have always dreamed of. Our service is very flexible and can handle to the most demanding requests. We are only for truly ski lovers!

Where We Go

Anywhere your dream vacation will bring you: somewhere on the Italian Alps! The Italian Alps, which span across Northern Italy for about 750 miles, are home of more than 200 ski resorts. Sometimes we cross the national border, and we ski on the other side of the Alps in France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The Alps and their famous mountain group called the Dolomites are a mecca for skiers: thousands of miles of groomed ski runs suitable for all kind of skiing ability, and breathtaking views. The typical alpine villages let you feel a connection to the mountains and to the valleys that have no equivalent anywhere alse in the world. And when the ski day is over, the aprè-ski can count on a limitless number of activities: shopping, dining, wine tasting, spa & massage, dancing & clubbing, climbing, snowshoeing, night skiing,…

When We Go

From December to March. This is how long the winter season lasts in Italy. For the 2015-2016 winter season we will organize guided tours anytime between January 4, 2016 and March 20, 2016.

Why Choose Us

Your great vacation is our great vacation – because we will be there with you! We are a small operation, and we like it this way. We take individuals and small groups to places that we love, that we profoundly understand, and that we want you to appreciate outside of the schemes of mass tourism. We are interested in connecting with people, in meeting and having fun with fellow skiers. Only fully personalized vacations and English-Italian guided tours can guarantee a memorable ski experience: no language barriers, no cultural misunderstandings, no worries about driving and travelling in a foreign country, no missed photo spots, no wasted time looking at the map,… If something is not up to your expectation, no need of a phone call: we are there! Aside from a wealth of knowledge about the mountains, the villages, the history of the territory and the landscape, we offer complimentary ski improvement lessons throughout your vacation and evening clinics about ski technique and ski tuning, Italian cooking classes, and more. Unlike others, we do not sell pre-planned tours nor have pre-arranged agreements with hotels and restaurants: every ski vacation responds to each individual’s need.

How It Works

After your first contact with us – either in person, by phone, email, Skype or by filling out the form at the bottom of this web page – we will ask you to complete a questionnaire. It takes about an hour, and you can do it in writings or simply over the phone with us. We would rather talk, so any concern can be immediately addressed. There are no personal questions, we only want to know with some precision what kind of skier you are, what kind of vacation style you prefer, and what you deeply expect from this ski experience in Italy. After your preferences are clear to us, we will start planning your tour. Since we do not sell pre-built packages, and we do not deal with travel wholesalers, it may take a couple of days before we can get back to you with a first draft of your guided ski tour and a first quotation. Then, we will work with you to tailor your vacation plan to your needs, as many times as it takes. We will later assist you in preparation for your travel, and once the departure day comes we will finally get to meet and guide you during your amazing ski tour in Italy!


A Resort-style vacation is very similar to the North American concept. You will stay in the same village for the whole length of your vacation, and all modern amenities will be within walking distance. Still, you can expect to ski on different runs every day, as there are ski regions in Italy where major resorts are inter-connected to each other with lifts or by short road transportation (up to 30 minutes). This vacation style is more laidback and relaxed, and suitable for couples and families, intermediate skiers, or those who want to experience the Italian life style in terms of cuisine, clothing, wellness and nightlife.

Road Trip

A Road Trip is a type of vacation which involves a lot of moving. You can expect to sleep in a different resort every day or every other day, and travel up to 100 miles a day. This vacation style is intended primarily for those avid skiers who don’t mind packing their bags four or five times during their vacation as long as they hit all the most famous and amazing runs Italy can offer.

The minimum number of skiers is 2, and the maximum is 8. We only guide small groups, carefully arranged to match each individual’s preferences. Forget the days when tours were overbooked and busses were filled with tourists until the last seat was full. The advantages of travelling in a small group are obvious!
We do not combine small groups into bigger groups just based on availability. There is more. Your vacation is your very own vacation. When you contact us, we will organize your tour based on the information you provide regarding your ski abilities, your interests, and so on. Also, you can choose the starting day and the length of your vacation. If in your party, for example, it’s only two of you, and you agree on being added to someone else to share your ski experience with, we will work this out. You will only be matched with others who have the same profile, and have expressed the same interest in sharing their vacation. This will ensure a smooth and exciting experience for all: you will all enjoy skiing at the same pace and on the same runs, you will all have fun doing the same activities, and so forth. At the time of booking it may be just the two of you in your vacation. If we don’t find anyone else as a good match for you, you will go on your very own ski guided private vacation!
Yes, we can provide a ski guide for you during the day, and then you can be free and independent afterwards. Some people like the thrill of exploring on their own, other prefer to have a full time guide to avoid problems. We respect you privacy and independency. Even on fully guided vacations our presence will be appropriate and discrete.
Private tours can be arranged with a minimum of two people from the same party.
Planning a tour is what tour guides normally do before they can guide people on a tour. So, somehow, the idea of a professional who both plans and guides a tour already exists. However, here at Skiita we create custom tours based on our clients' preferences. This is how we came up with the idea of a personal ski planner and guide, a professional who works closely and directly with clients to arrange a tour that perfectly fits their profile. The same professional, then, will be guiding you on that very same tour that together we created. A personal ski planner and guide is a single individual who combines specialized knowledge, experience and abilities in the ski and winter tourism industry, and has organizational, interpersonal and technical skills related to planning, skiing and dealing with others. Travel agents provide travel services: they book vacations, flights, activities and they live – likely – on commissions, so the more they sell the more they earn. Travel agents do not physically follow clients in their vacation. At Skiita we provide guiding services, and we let the client be part of the decision process. We are paid for providing a tour guide service, and we see the tour planning as a natural complimentary extension of our service.
We do not sell pre-arranged packages, we do not deal with tour operators, we never run the same tours over and over. Our tours are always tailored to your preferences from scratch. If you heard about the beauty of Italy, of its mountains and its snow, but you don’t have any idea on where to go, contact us and we can give you plenty of information. We never get tired of talking about skiing, and it’s free!
Our fellow skiers come mostly from Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. We welcome skiers also from Asia, South America and Europe. Our guide is an English-Italian speaking guide, so all communications will be in these two languages. We are working on extending our service to Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Brasilian and Spanish speaking skiers starting from the 2016-2017 winter season.
Since we organize fully customizable guided tours, the cost of a ski vacation in Italy is variable. Depending on the length of your vacation, the time of the year, the number of people in your party, and many many other factors, we are able to provide a quotation – and a price – for your vacation. Generally speaking, a guided ski tour overseas won’t be pricier than a comparable vacation in a major North American resort closer to your home. And your memories will be truly priceless! Contact us to have an estimate, it’s free!
In order for us to craft the best ski experience, we need to know a little bit of you. Nothing personal, just what kind of skier you are, what type of vacation you prefer, and what you generally like to do when you are on vacation. Sometimes you don’t really know what you want, so the questionnaire helps you make some decisions. If you have never visited Italy before, you may give for granted some aspects that you normally find in your home country but are rare to find in a foreign country.
Of course! Your guide will be on skis, but you can definitely snowboard. Trails are not restricted based on the use of skis or snowboards. Any marked run and off-piste is equally doable with skis or snowboard, provided that you have the same technical ability.

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